Friday, December 15, 2006

Busy Times with Sponsors and Wedding

So things are still very busy, as I am trying to finalize things with sponsors, train once a day, coach my athletes, and finish plans for my wedding. Here's a photo of my future wife, Orlanda and I, enjoying the Nebraska at USC football game...

For those who are wondering about my sponsorships for next year, I will wait until the contracts are signed before announcing them. I expect this to be complete by the end of January. Stay tuned! I'm pretty excited so far though!

I am also writing some articles which I will post on here regularly, and hopefully at, where I've been offered the opportunity to write for them.

If you haven't seen the articles on me lately, there's a couple of cool ones, here: - Written by Matthew Dale, on my decision to leave teaching, sell my home and chase my triathlon dreams and goals. Cool article.

Union Tribune - Local, San Diego newspaper, with a similar article.

That's all for now...

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