Thursday, May 6, 2010

So what's up???

Wow, long time no post. And according to my statistics, still getting a lot of visitors, so obviously people want to know what the heck I'm up to.

Here's the bottom line for me, perspective. I mistook my competitiveness as a desire to want to return to racing. I'm very competitive, and love the sport, but I just don't have the hunger at the start line for myself to win like I used to. The key part of that statement is, "for myself".

This sport is so selfish, in so many ways. That's not a knock on it, but it's the reality of why the divorce rate among Ironman is joked about being high. I'm not the same athlete, with the same responsibilities and life that I had 5 years ago when I was a single guy who left his teaching job to race full-time. I now have a wife, who now helps me with my/our business, but this even more responsible for our family, as our business is the only income.

I had to balance time, work and everything else. In essence, I was suddenly a regular age-grouper, with a day job, trying to race. However, I remember how committed I was to triathlon in the past, and I'm just not that way anymore.

The problem is, my standards are high, and I can't stand on the start line knowing I trained sub-par. I was so stressed before the camp in San Luis Obispo, because of all the work I had to get done, get taxes completed, get packed for Desert Tri and the camp, so many things! I wasn't able to ride for 7 days, and ran twice, swam twice. Not exactly great prep heading into your first race of a comeback. I had bike issues, so wasn't able to ride my TT bike, and the race was not looking good.

Then I get into the race and swim fair, dropped from the lead pack of 5 or 6, but holding close. Then I get my ass kicked on the bike, (which was hard to stomach), only to get off and have the fastest run split of the whole race. That really surprised me, and I even beat my boy Mike Clinch on the run, who had been dropping me like a bad habit in some training sessions. Coach Bob Seebohar had me impressed with the things I was accomplishing.

I was starting to think maybe I was driving myself mad with the stress of trying to train, and having life create stumbling blocks. I got to the SLO camp, and had a few decent days of training, and started to realize I was coming back pretty good! Then we had a camper get lost, and I realized my focus had to change to them. I backed off my training, and went to Mallorca with the same mindset of focusing on the campers.

Funny thing happened once I made this decision. The athletes had a great experience and raved about the camps, and I found myself enjoying coaching more. I decided in Mallorca that I was done trying to train and race. I just need to stay healthy and in decent shape, never ballooning to 200+ lbs again.

After I made that decision, it's been amazing how my stress level has decreased. I have thrown myself more into my TriJuniors program, and I am seeing the results! The team has doubled in size, and looks to quadruple by the first week of June. Most importantly, I'm really enjoying it. I am running for fun, riding my bike because it's fun, not because of training, or feeling I have to or I will get my ass kicked.

I've found I can still be competitive thru my athletes and kids, and once in awhile throw down in a local sprint, aquathlon or even group ride or run.

Things are good. I'm not afraid of missing races anymore, or getting my ass kicked. I'm excited to see these other things grow, and excited that I can still swim, bike and run.



jameson said...

sounds good dude... doing what makes you happy is the most important thing.

lets ride or run (yes i am running again) soon.

Pete said...

You got the right idea. Keep training for the fun of it.