Sunday, May 30, 2010

Future morales?

I realize each day, more and more, that the decisions I make and apply to the kids on my TriJuniors team, affect their perspective and personal decisions, as well as those from their families. Wow... It simply reminds me of the incredible responsibility of being a coach.


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Sladed said...

It is absolutely the truth. Not only can it affect them but it affects your future decisions as well. Short story: when i coached age group swimmers back in the 80s we were at a meet that just had relays. In one relay I had a very slow group that was going to place 8th out of 8. One of the kids had to leave early, which meant another kid would miss getting to swim at all that day. I decided to slip someone else in last minute knowing we would not improve our position, just so the other swimmers could participate. The parent rightly did not allow it and I, and the kid, learned a lesson about not bending the rules NO MATTER WHAT. And it's funny I had to learn this lesson because I was, overall, a very honest person. I've thought of this many times in regular life over the years.
Keep up the good work!