Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Google Alert Entertainment

I subscribe to Google Alerts, for my name. As a coach and athlete, it helps me recognize when my name is published, and what the general sentiment is of me. And then there are other times when I am just entertained by what comes thru the alert.

There is a black gentleman, also named Jim Vance, who is a news anchor in Washington DC. He is rather popular and well respected, (according to the majority of alerts I've gotten). That's always entertaining to read.

Then I get something like this today....

McCreary County Record - Whitley CIty,KY,USA
Jim Vance purchased the motel/RV park/restaurant in 2002 with his wife Donna. Three years later the couple obtained a winery license from the Kentucky ...

Tell me what I'm supposed to think when I get something like this! And no, I do not have any relatives in Kentucky!


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MrGoogleAlerts said...


You can exclude most of the alerts for Jim Vance the anchor from NBC by changing your Google Alerts search term to:
"jim vance" -anchor -nbc -tv

I've written a lot about narrowing down your alerts to find the real you. This post provides a complete strategy for constructing the best search terms: