Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Weigh-in again, new face in town

Monday morning weight - 173.0

Not a bad start to the week, as the goal of the week was a reduction in volume and bit more focus on race intensity. This week I have the Carlsbad half-marathon on Sunday as a training run, and certainly am not resting for it! If you check out the week schedule on my online training log, you'll see what I mean!

If you've been following my online training log, you'll notice I've really seen some big fitness jumps in the last week. My run last Wednesday was 1:45, the longest of the year, and somehow the fastest as well! My swimming went from struggling to break 1:20 for short course yards, to comfortably swimming 1:10-1:12's, and my wattage numbers were so big on the Torrey Pines repeats with Mac, that we had to change my FTP to 300 watts, up from 270 a month ago at Joe's in Phoenix. Things are heading down the right path.

I apologize for not putting up the power files, but I'm trying to figure out a way to put a compressed zip file of all my workouts, for people to feel free to check out. This way I can do it every few weeks, instead of trying to do it file by file. If someone has a place I can host this at, and help me do it, I would be much appreciated. Just leave a comment letting me know.

Some of you have left comments on here with questions, and I apologize for not getting back to them sooner. Manny left one asking about how much different it feels to do 200 watts on a trainer vs the road, and I want to answer that one thoroughly, so I will soon answer that on my coaching blog. Stay tuned Manny!

Today I have a 2 hour run, and 5 x up Mt. Soledad at high wattage, seated. (Told you I wasn't resting up for C-bad!) I had a little issue with my right quad, and have been nursing it on the TP Massage Quadballer, and hope to get thru today's training without issue. Otherwise training later in the week could be jeopardized. How did this happen? I think I gave too much effort in the kick sets at the end of the workout yesterday in the pool. Wish me luck to keep it healthy!

In other news, a great new face has come to town, which I am excited about. On December 10th, I got an email from Tyler Johnson, a big XTERRA pro guy, who when fit and healthy, is one of the scariest athletes to look over and see on the start line. He's battled some motivational issues, and was tired of the Boulder scene. He wanted a fresh start, and to get out here to the sun and get serious again. This is a guy who has been overweight for a few seasons, yet still has had some impressive performances. He's run 30:09 for 10K on the track, been on the US Cyclo-cross Team for the World Championships, and been on the podium at XTERRA National stops. Last year he was second off the bike at Richmond, WHILE STILL BEING FAT! I even had to run his fat ass down at Temecula last year, noticing I was chasing a guy with a spare tire on his waist, and who I beat out of the water by almost 5 mins!

Tyler is here now in San Diego, and I am coaching him. I am excited about this, because I see him excited to train again, and think we could see some great performances this year. I'll be writing more about his trials and tribulations on my coaching blog, as well as those of another XTERRA pro I am coaching, Craig Evans from Nashville, TN. Craig has always been known as an amazing swimmer in the sport, but last year really made a big jump in his riding. This year, we hope to complete his transformation and get him running with the big boys too. Stay tuned.


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Ryan said...

Jim, I was reading some of your previous posts and you mentioned doing a 4 hr trainer ride with no calories. What is the purpose behind the no calorie? You are lucky to be training in my hometown, I really miss it but when you mention specific areas it brings me back.