Thursday, January 17, 2008

Big Wednesday

Wednesday was a big day, and I was pretty happy with the results!

2 hour run in the AM, here's part of my training log notes:

Garmin Forerunner 205/305 - Very good run. Faded a little on the return trip, not making it quite back to the house, but still very solid. I think I just lost my focus at times, especially on the uphill portions, as the course is tough. Last Wednesday's run was 7:03 pace at 152 bpm, on the same route, for 1:45, not including the big hill I did today. Today was 6:50 pace at 145 bpm, for 2 hours. That's a really solid improvement. Surprisingly, I never got out of zone 2 on the entire run.

90 min ride, about 1:15 after the run with hill repeats on Mt. Soledad, here's part of my training log notes:

Power-Tap After the run, this was a tough one to get on the bike and do. I did 4 climbs, on a road I will not choose next time, as it had some stoplights which interfered, and wasn't a consistent grade. I am sure the numbers would have been even better. However, reviewing the hill repeats last Friday, the numbers were all better, except 5 sec power. I saw good improvements in CP6 and CP 30, compared with last time, and last time I was fresh, no 2 hour run before hand!

It's amazing how much my fitness continues to improve now, I feel like a giddy child again. I read there was a thread topic on Slowtwitch that said "90 days to Ironman Arizona!" I chuckled when I read that. That's a good amount of time to continue to improve, but it will go fast!


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jameson said...

Stoked to see it's coming around!!! Let's see that power data!