Friday, October 5, 2007


I have arrived in Kona, and wow, it is quite a triathlete haven! Everything is Ironman, including the people.

I am coming here very relaxed, looking to enjoy the whole experience and learn everything I can for next year, so I am fully prepared to come and perform well. There won't be a more relaxed pro in the water next Saturday, as I have nothing to lose by being here, everything to gain, and just want to have fun.

I know I'm not going to finish in the top ten, and I know I'm not in great shape, so I'm going with the attitude of just coming to enjoy it, since I know I will only be disappointed if I try to rely on fitness which isn't really there. I've even been drinking beer, eating nachos, etc. Heck, I think I'm the only pro here who still has hairy legs! (Haven't decided if I'm going to shave them, but I think I probably will.)

This isn't to say I'm not going to try. In fact, since Wisconsin I've been swimming and running quite a bit, (not riding much, 3 times on the bike is all), and I'm actually swimming fairly well. My running is surprisingly better, as I set a new best for my 2 mile interval course at Ski Beach on Tuesday. I guess all the focus on turnover has started paying off. Also, did a 2 hour run last Sunday with Mac, my longest run since before Wisconsin, and I felt great the whole way. Who knows, maybe the rest is exactly what I needed? But I doubt the extra pounds are helping, hahaha.

So today I got here and ran 30 mins south down Alii Drive, and then went to the pier for a 20 min swim. It was great! I love the water and the setting, and feel I seem to have for the water. Maybe this will be a career best swim? Perhaps, because Zoot has a little surprise for me, which I can't give details of yet. (I also forgot the USB cord for my camera, so photos may be hard to upload before I get back.) But I will give more details on the Zoot swim surprise, and soon more on the Zoot shoes. (I know, I've been promising, but things have been crazy busy!)

Actually, the surprising thing for me today was that the heat wasn't that bad. I thought it would be much worse. Of course, it may get worse for race day, but currently the weather forecasts are consistent. I think it also different when you're out there hammering for hours, but honestly there were plenty of hotter days in San Diego over the summer, which I thought would be exactly like Kona. We will see if things get better or worse.

Looking forward to more of the going's on here, and will keep you all updated on the fun!



jameson said...

I'll definitely be follwing along on gameday... i hope you and Orlanda have a killer time!! You guys both deserve the vacation!

Beth said...

have a blast and enjoy-looking forward to hearing how it goes!

moonpie said...

Have an awesome time in Kona and enjoy the race. It's an awesome thing when the pressure is off and you're able to look around and take things in.