Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Taper day 3

Today is day three of the taper...

This morning I was up early to go see ART guru, Dan Selstad up in Solana Beach, at 6:30. First client of the day for him, and a good chance to get some work done on a few annoying little spots I've had. Good news is I am healthier than I even realized!

After the 30 min session with Dan, it was off to do the swim workout. Swam ok, but not great. Luckily we did a 200 meter time trial, long course, and I was better than I expected to be. Put in about 4500 meters, so a good session.

After that, got some food, and visited my boys over at 1650. They're helping me set-up a store on my website, so all of you who are loving my new t-shirts can order them up. Also, they'll be putting a whole new website format together for me soon. Should be complete a few weeks after the Ironman.

Will be hopping on the bike shortly, for a 90 min easy spin, just to get some time in. Until then, I'm napping, eating, and killing time with emails and funny websites.

Here's one I came across, which I'm thinking about having my clients do for a run workout...

Japanese Treadmill Challenge - Watch more free videos

Otherwise, I'm reading Marcus' book, Lone Survivor, which just gets me PUMPED to race Ironman Coeur d'Alene! He makes me feel like I'm an invincible Navy Seal! (So far anyway.)

This evening will be relaxing, finishing up client plans, and spending time with the wife. (Somehow, as nice as that it, it doesn't sound very "invincible Navy Seal"-like....Oh well, that's why I'm just a pro triathlete...)

Vance - 2007 NFA

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