Thursday, January 11, 2007

It's a new phase of life...

Sorry ladies, but I'm now a married man. (Not that any of you probably were ever worried about it, but just in case one was).

On Saturday, I married Orlanda in Ensenada, Mexico, on the ocean shore, with about 100 close friends and family. It was really beautiful, and a wonderful time. I cried like a little girl, struggling to get the words out. Luckily, she and the officiant, Alan, helped me get thru it. She was so beautiful, I'm still in awe.

I felt really blessed with all the friends and family who came all the way here for the event. I had teammates from high school and college come from all over the US, and even from Europe! I was very honored to have them make such a trek for me.

So now a new phase of life begins, married and Ironmans. Though I hadn't been with Orlanda very long, it was clear from the beginning she was the one. She only confirmed that when I took on the challenge of Ironman, and became irritable, tired all the time, and on my bike instead of spending time with her. During that whole time, she never once asked me to sacrifice my training or my goals, to spend more time with her or anything. She was always supportive, knowing it was my passion. For many, this isn't the case. I'm a very lucky man. When I toe the start line from now on, I've already won. where's my bike?

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