Monday, August 31, 2009

Little League World Champions - Park View Little League, Chula Vista

Wow, what a great weekend.

Local Chula Vista team wins the Little League World Series, in a hard fought game! I've really enjoyed watching them go thru the series and pull out some amazing performances and games, in the face of some incredible pressure for 12 and 13 year olds. Over 32,000 fans at the game, (big for a Padres game!) Vice-President Joe Biden, and millions watching on tv.

They have really accomplished something special, the likes of which they probably will never realize until many years down the road.

What's been more amazing to me is how this group of a dozen or so 12-13 year olds have brought this city, and county, together. Everyone is talking about it, excited about it, watching it. Bars are packed and showing it on all the screens. The sense of pride this city has shown is incredible.

A few people have said this team has been able to do what the Padres and Chargers haven't for so many years, win a world title. But I think this is even more significant than that. These kids truly represent San Diego! This isn't a bunch of athletes who were drafted and moved here, signed big free-agent contracts, were traded to play here or anything like that. These kids live here. They have lived here for most of their lives. All their families are here. They are San Diego.

There isn't a management that's about to trade one of them, and they move off, shifting their allegiances. We know they aren't in it for the money, they play for love of the game. And that is one of the things we all respect.

It's been great to watch. Congrats to the kids, and to the coaches, Ramirez and Castro. They did an outstanding job.

As a coach myself, I had a great weekend as well. My athlete Scott Iott won his age group at the Chicago Triathlon, (the biggest race in the world), and Kebby Holden qualified for Kona at Ironman Louisville. It was a great weekend!

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