Tuesday, July 1, 2008

More Coeur d'Alene Photos

Well, as much as I thought I was being smart about not doing San Diego International, it became clear on Sunday that the decision would have been made for me. My hamstring was pretty messed up and I couldn't jog more than a mile. No way I would have been able to race. Now just focusing on getting back into things and working toward IMAZ.

Here are some photos from IMCDA, for you to enjoy. If you happen to have any which you could email me, I'd appreciate it. jvance at trainingbible dot com.

Pro start at 6:25 AM

End of lap one, (Victor 1st, green cap, me checking for gap to Rhodes and Evans, then Lovato)

Me, Lovato and Curry, with Victor just out of the picture, turning the wrong way.

After Victor's wrong turn, I found myself in the lead, Lovato just behind me.

A very ungraceful re-entry!

Continuing with the lack of gracefulness.

End of lap one in the swim.

Lovato is such a pimp, he can't escape the paparazzi!

Out on the bike course.

The finishing straight.

Thanks for checking in.


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