Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thursday, Ironman Wisconsin weekend

Sorry for not checking in sooner, but things have been busy here, and I can't get a wireless connection.So far, the trip has not go according to plan, but things have settled down.

Tuesday morning I was up early, 4 AM, to catch my flight at 6:30. I land in Dallas for my 2 hour layover, and things are going well. Then my flight to Madison got cancelled, and my layover become just short of 10 hours. Ugh!

Finally got into Madison late, like midnight, only to have my bike not make it. OF COURSE! Luckily my clothes did, so I was able to run and swim on Wednesday. My bike arrived Wednesday afternoon, but I was pretty busy trying to catch-up and settle in, (groceries, training, massage, etc.), that I didn't have a chance to build it and get on it until today.

Things are going well now though, as I am feeling pretty good. I will be racing with a PowerTap on the bike, for the first time in a race. I will make the power file available on here as a download, for all you science geeks to enjoy!

Rich at sent me a Blackwell 100 for the rear, with a PowerTap SL. Should be fun!

If you're coming to the race, I look forward to seeing you out there with me. If you're coming to cheer, I hope you enjoy watching, as the weather is looking great.

I'm excited for my wife and support crewman, JT, to show up tomorrow evening. I'm a lot more at ease when they're around. They also help me with timechecks, and all the little things I never want to deal with!

Tomorrow morning I am at the press conference at 11, and the pro panel at 11:45. Come by and say hello!


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